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Software / EDA Infrastructure Engineer at Ayar Labs
Emeryville, CA, US

General Description

Ayar Labs is looking for software engineering generalists who can work autonomously on a wide variety of projects in a fast-paced environment. Candidates should be curious and capable of quickly learning about and solving problems in new domains. Previous experience in the semiconductor industry, embedded software, and other related fields are nice to have but not necessary. It is more important that candidates have critical thinking skills and are willing to work closely with domain experts and other engineers from diverse fields. Candidates should be able to create principled yet practical solutions that integrate with the system at large.

Key Responsibilities
  • Maintain software testing and continuous integration infrastructure
  • Assist other developers and engineers with their usage of programming languages, software libraries and associated infrastructure
  • Communicate and develop practical solutions with a team of engineers from diverse disciplines

Additional Responsibilities
  • Create infrastructure to automatically generate code or datasheet documentation
  • Architect and manage infrastructure for automated data collection and visualization
  • Manage, develop, and expand our machine infrastructure for chip design, including availability and performance
The candidate should have/be
  • Expertise in at least one thing/niche/subject: could be a software engineering concept, a system/language, etc
  • Autonomous, self-directed, initiative taking
  • Curious, willing to learn new/unconventional languages, systems, tools, and domains
  • Experience with working with, managing, and evolving large systems
  • Experience/understanding of multiple programming paradigms (e.g. object-oriented programming, functional programming, declarative), languages, and concepts.
  • Adaptable to a fast-paced, innovative culture where responsibilities and duties may change rapidly
  • Familiarity with best practices in software engineering, including continuous integration, version control, and test-driven development 
  • Experience contributing to open source projects is a plus

The ideal candidate would also have
  • Electrical engineering/hardware/physics background, including integrated circuits, PCB design, etc.
  • Experience taping out SoCs
  • Experience with some specific languages we use, including Python, Scala, and C and associated software infrastructure e.g. unit testing frameworks.
  • Familiarity with the common tools of software engineering (Git, Unix command line, etc)

About Ayar Labs
At Ayar Labs we are lighting up electronics for a brighter future. With our deep ties to MIT and UC Berkeley, and our commitment to hiring the best engineers in photonics and electronics, joining our team gives you the opportunity to collaborate with brilliant people on challenging, paradigm-shifting work. Our optical I/O technology removes the bottlenecks created by today’s electrical I/O, making it possible to continue the computing system performance scaling that Moore’s Law enabled until now. We have a commitment to win big in the marketplace based on the strengths of our technology, and we approach everything with an eye to massive scalability. We believe that deep cross-collaboration between teams facilitated by honest, open debate is the best way to achieve big wins, leveraging our patent portfolio which promises products that deliver orders of magnitude improvements in latency, bandwidth density, and power consumption. We offer a comprehensive benefits plan designed to keep our team healthy and happy.