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Software Engineer at RightHand Robotics
Somerville., MA, US

At RightHand Robotics, we have a rapidly growing and highly capable engineering team building robotic piece-picking solutions and deploying them around the globe. Our product has to be reliable enough to run non-stop on production fleets of robots in the world’s largest warehouses. If you’re simultaneously excited and a bit terrified about what this could mean for you, good! If working hands-on with robots on a daily basis intrigues you, read on!

We are looking for experienced software engineers to develop critical systems software for robots running in the field. These people will work closely with our team of researchers to integrate state-of-the-art algorithms into our robot while preserving stability, consistent APIs, and system speed. Significant experience in software development for a production environment is required. Other desired background, interests, and responsibilities include:

  • Eagerness to use linear algebra and geometry skills (even if you need a reminder)

  • Python, C++, shell scripts on Linux

  • Design, implement, debug, and *test* key components of our software infrastructure on our robots, ensuring the high accuracy and extremely reliable operation that our customers require

  • Experience debugging a complex, real-time, multi-process system

  • Experience bringing projects from concept through deployment


Bonus skills:

  • Experience with robot middleware and messaging layers (e.g. ROS, LCM, ZeroMQ, Protocol Buffers)

  • Debian package management, CMake, and hardware interface management