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Passive Platform Development Engineer at Ayar Labs
Santa Clara, CA, US
Responsible for collaborating on Ayar Labs’ Multi-Wavelength Source (MWS) development, including but not limited to designing and sourcing passive optical components such as multiplexers and low loss optical waveguides, managing outsourced fabrication and process integration, collaborating with CMOS, photonics, and silicon photonics teams on MWS requirements, and collaborating with packaging, reliability, and test teams to deliver superior solutions for Ayar Labs. 

Essential Functions
  • Contribute to the development of internally designed MWS, including collaborating with silicon photonics and circuits team on MWS passive component specifications, MWS design, link budget/margin, link architecture, design and implementation tradeoffs, all with the goal to deliver a solution that is holistically optimized (cost, power, reliability, secure supply chain, etc.); and
  • Working with internal and external stakeholders, managing projects, and executing to plan; and
  • Manage external MWS vendors, including PLCs suppliers, etc.; and
  • Collaborate with Assembly and Package Engineering, Test Engineering, and Quality and Reliability Engineering teams to develop MWS solutions.
Basic Qualifications
  • PhD or Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, Physics, or a related field, and
  • 5+ years experience with passive device design and simulation, including AWG, star couplers, low loss waveguiding. 
  • Test and measurement experience
  • Experience with data analysis techniques, particularly statistical methods and large data sets
  • Failure analysis experience with passive different passive integration approaches
  • Experience with design of experiments.
  • May require US Citizenship for Federal site access 
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