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Full Stack Developer at Inscopix
Palo Alto, CA, US

Inscopix has developed a miniaturized, real-time, brain mapping platform - enabling radically new approaches to understanding the brain.  The Company is not only advancing the mechanistic understanding of the brain at the level of neural circuits and networks, but also paving the way for next generation diagnostic treatments and therapeutics for brain disorders.

We are seeking a full stack software developer to design and develop the front-end, application, and server for our next generation data analysis and acquisition software.  The ideal candidate is an expert at developing web front-end and is comfortable with developing application and server code, including database development.  The system must efficiently support access to and visualization of very large video, image and ancillary data sets.  It must also handle synchronization of these data sets when they can have different sampling rates, start times and end times. You will collaborate with an interdisciplinary team of neuroscientists, data scientists and engineers from software, mechanical, optical and electrical engineering fields.


  • Develop and maintain a web based front-end for data management and visualization, and integrate with an existing back-end for processing 
  • Design and develop databases to store and handle queries to large video and time series data and associated metadata
  • Lead System verification and validation on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Lead continuous integration, build and test of software releases.
  • Collaborate with product management and science group to capture system requirements.

Required Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent
  • 2+ years of experience developing commercial software applications
  • Web fundamental experience in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
  • Strong experience with JavaScript frameworks like React and Express.js
  • API design and development for web services, preferably RESTful
  • Web server technologies like Node.js, Apache, Nginx, etc.
  • Database technologies like MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB.
  • Experience optimizing for high data throughput and efficient on-disk data storage

Desirable Experience

  • Experience with high-performance data visualization, e.g. using WebGL
  • Experience or proficiency with video codecs, streaming and compression.
  • Experience with continuous integration, preferably using TeamCity

About Inscopix

Decoding the neural language of the brain is the defining scientific challenge and opportunity of the 21st Century.  Inscopix’s neurotechnologies and the knowledge it fosters will transform human existence - from alleviating the suffering caused by debilitating brain disorders, to the development of advanced artificial intelligence - to a more profound understanding of what makes us the dominant species on Planet Earth.

Based in Palo Alto, Inscopix is a discovery phase neurotechnology company developing a platform and full stack for real-time brain mapping. Our team brings together deep domain expertise in neuroscience, physics, engineering, software development and data science, and is enabling radically new approaches to understanding the brain in health and disease.

Inscopix’s flagship products, nVista and nVoke, are deployed in over 350 research institutions across the world, and have resulted in over 65 top-tier scientific publications on learning, memory, cognition, and on-the-brain circuits implicated in diseases such as Parkinson’s.  Our instrumentation products are accompanied with sophisticated data analysis software as part of end-to-end solutions for generating and analyzing brain activity data.

Advised by academic and industry luminaries and backed by leading institutional investors, Inscopix has been recognized as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, and by Deloitte as one of North America’s fastest growing technology companies.


Inscopix is an equal opportunity employer.