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Solutions Engineer at Anjuna
Palo Alto, CA, US
This role would be responsible for interaction with customers and prospective users of Anjuna's solutions. 
The Solutions Engineer would use her understanding of Anjuna's software stack to educate customers on the threats that Anjuna's solution mitigates, guide the customers through designing an architecture that integrates Anjuna's products, and help with the installation and troubleshooting.
The Solutions Engineer would provide feedback to the engineering team, report issues discovered while applying the product to the customer's use-case, and create feature requests based on the customer needs and experience with Anjuna's solution.


    • Work closely with customers to understand their requirements.
    • Work closely with the engineering team to make sure customer requirements are addressed by the product r roadmap.
    • Create demonstrations and carry out demonstrations to customers.
    • Maintain product documentation, and add documentation based on customer feedback.