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DevOps Engineer at Anjuna
Palo Alto, CA, US
We are looking for a qualified DevOps engineer to join the Anjuna team. Anjuna Security builds the premier enclave toolset making it simple to provide true end-to-end security for cloud applications. This role will work closely with all of our development teams to help create and manage our C/CD pipeline.  This will include software planning, coordination with the rest of the software development team and implementation and testing of the designed systems. 
Our team works across all levels of the software stack, from x86 Assembly to Python with C and Go in the service layer and Typescript for the UI.  Developers are responsible for everything from debugging, coding and testing, automation and architecture. 
An ideal candidate should have a solid understanding of computer architecture and build software that leverages low-level processor features.  The candidate should be passionate about security, and state-of-the-art software development practices, and be able to work both independently, and as part of a team.


    • Highly passionate about high quality software and security systems
    • Experience with CMake
    • Proven work experience as a DevOps Engineer 
    • Deep understanding of and experience with automation framework
    • Proficient with python and shell scripting
    • Expertise with Linux
    • Knowledge about one or more of the followings: Docker, AWS, Azure, VMWare 
    • Experience with enterprise software testing
    • Skillful with analyzing issues
    • Experience with Jenkins
    • Experience with GUI automation 
    • Great communication skill
    • Experience with deploying databases
    • Understanding of SGX or SEV extensions to x86