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Research Associate - Biology at 1910 Genetics
Cambridge, MA, US
Company Overview
Computation is revolutionizing drug discovery. Advances in big chemical data, massive computing power, artificial intelligence, and molecular dynamics simulation are changing the way we develop new drugs. At 1910 Genetics, we put computation at the heart of drug discovery, blending expertise in computational chemistry, structural biology, pharmacology, genetics, data science, and software engineering to develop drugs for previously undruggable targets.

You are someone we can count on to...

    • Execute experiments effectively and efficiently

Your key responsibilities will include…

    • Executing high throughput screening (HTS) assays in strict accordance with the NIH NCATS Assay Guidance Manual
    • Developing and validating HTS biochemical assays for characterizing the activity and selectivity of potential drug candidates
    • Developing and validating HTS cell-based assays for characterizing the activity, selectivity, and cellular permeability of potential drug candidates
    • Performing a wide variety of experiments across molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, in vitro pharmacology, and in vivo pharmacology
    • Rigorously documenting all experimental procedures, data, results, manuals, etc. in an electronic laboratory notebook (eLN)
    • Leveraging internal and external personnel to troubleshoot experiments
    • Effectively communicating research results both verbally and orally
    • Managing all external CRO relationships, and cross-checking externally generated results with internal references and/or expectations
    • Managing all aspects of lab operations such as ordering, organizing, and restocking reagents, equipment, and other supplies

Ideally, you have…

    • B.S. or M.S. in Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, or equivalent
    • 0 – 3 years of laboratory experience in an industrial or academic setting
    • Experience with or exposure to HTS assays

You will learn…

    • Computational and Medicinal Chemistry
    • AI/ML applied to drug discovery

You will teach…

    • The NIH NCATS Assay Guidance Manual and HTS success criteria to your cross-disciplinary colleagues from Medicinal Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, AI Research, and Machine Learning Engineering
Compensation & benefits
Extremely generous equity package coupled with competitive salary
Healthcare benefits
Generous vacation and parental leave
Super cool team building activities
Flexible work schedule
Great colleagues