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Photonics Test System Engineer at Ayar Labs
Santa Clara, CA, US

Mechatronics for photonics test

Design, build, and maintain automated test systems for photonics. Test articles include wafers, planar lightwave circuit (PLC) die, laser die, chip-on-carrier, and modules. You will gather specifications and requests from the Laser Design Team, Packaging Team, Silicon Photonics Design Team, and Reliability Team. This job spans R&D to pilot production. R&D involves quickly building or modifying a manual test setup to obtain critical data to solve design problems and drive down-selection. Pilot production involves large-scale projects of highly automated manufacturing systems requiring coordination between multiple external vendors. Candidates with an extensive background in photonics and optics will have the opportunity to drive decisions on how measurements should be made, analyze the results, and collaborate with design teams to reach physical conclusions. We will also consider candidates with a basic background in photonics and optics and an eagerness to pick up new skills. 

Automation examples:
  • Loading/unloading of parts into station
  • Electrical connection via probes, pogo pins, socket, or cable
  • Optical connection via lens alignment, fiber alignment, or fiber connectors
  • Thermal control of test article

Working at a startup like Ayar Labs offers many challenges and opportunities for professional growth. You will be challenged with with ambiguity, making decisions with limited information, and picking up new skills to contribute in unexpected ways. You will have the opportunity to design manufacturing and test infrastructure that will grow into something very big.

Basic Requirements:
  • BS + 2 years experience or MS degree in relevant area
  • 2 years experience in Design, build, and maintain automated test systems for photonics
  • Experience in automating test and measurement instruments; data processing and presentation and positioning systems (piezo, stepper motor, etc.)
  • Clear communication and presentation
  • Strong programming skills
  • Electronic construction (soldering, wiring, etc) and debugging (shorts, opens, basic circuit elements)
  • Basic optics/photonics theory (e.g. how does a lens work, what are waveguide modes, what is optical interference, what is polarization, wavelength, power, intensity, etc.)
  • Basic Solidworks

Preferred Requirements:
  • Direct experience with photonics experiments or test
  • Advanced Python
  • Basic circuit design
  • Basic understanding of laser design and operation
  • Skills/Experience also considered:
  • FPGA programming
  • Microcontroller programming
  • Control system theory
  • Photonics layout (GDS)
  • Photonic or semiconductor laser design
  • Photonics simulation
  • Mechanical engineering for R&D (e.g. T-slot aluminum construction)
  • Development of vision systems for automation
  • Experience with programming for databases, particularly MongoDB
  • Statistical analysis for experiments (e.g. ANOVA) and manufacturing (Gage R&R, SPC)
  • RF interference mitigation and signal integrity
  • Thermal design and simulation
Principals only. Recruiters, payment for recruiting activities is only applicable subject to a signed and executed agreement between the parties. Please don’t contact our hiring managers.

About Ayar Labs
At Ayar Labs we’re about to revolutionize computing by moving data with light.  We’re unleashing processing power for artificial intelligence, high performance computing, and telecommunications by removing the bottlenecks created by today’s electrical I/O -- making it possible to continue scaling computing system performance.  Ayar Labs is the first to deliver in-package optical I/O chiplets, a new universal I/O solution that replaces traditional electrical I/O and enables chips to communicate with each other from millimeters to kilometers, to deliver orders of magnitude improvements in latency, bandwidth density, and power consumption.

With our strong collaborations with industry leaders and government, our deep ties to MIT and UC Berkeley, and our commitment to hiring the best engineers in photonics and electronics, joining our team gives you the opportunity to collaborate with renowned experts on challenging, paradigm-shifting work.

We are passionate about delivering in-package optical I/O at scale, leveraging the strength of our patent portfolio and our team of leading interdisciplinary experts.  We believe that deep cross-collaboration between teams facilitated by honest, open debate is the best way to drive innovation and achieve big wins.   Join our team and experience the possibilities.


Ayar Labs is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer and is strongly committed to all policies which will afford equal opportunity employment to all qualified persons without regard to age, national origin, race, ethnicity, creed, gender, disability, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.