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Sr. Database Engineer at Lacuna

Modern mobility companies – like those operating rideshare, freight, drones and AVs – use digital tools for routing, scheduling, and even basic operations. Cities – which still use paper, signs and people to manage our roadways – have long struggled to keep up. This digital divide has created a quality-of-life crisis for cities and inconsistent, inefficient rules for mobility operators. Longstanding challenges like congestion, pollution, and inequities in access and safety are poised to get even worse.

Lacuna is the first company to bridge the gap between modern mobility companies and cities, building digital tools in open source that make it possible to create and enforce transportation policies digitally. We are a leading provider of digital tools that allow cities to create, communicate, and enforce dynamic transportation policies. Our equity-enhancing and privacy-preserving solutions give cities a full and reliable picture of how their roads and airways are leveraged so that they can create evidence-based policies to address congestion, pollution, access, safety and more. Lacuna paves the way for commercial operators to integrate their modern technologies into cities in a way that works for everyone long-term. Its wholly-owned consultancy, Ellis & Associates, works collaboratively to develop and deliver transportation technology strategic plans and programs, translating city priorities into real outcomes for the public good.  

The Role

As a Sr Database Engineer at Lacuna, you design, implement and maintain our relational database systems for performance and reliability. You're responsible for tuning and configuring our databases as well as building tools and scripts to monitor, troubleshoot and automate our systems. You propose test plans and interface with external groups, developers and application owners to arrive at optimal solutions. Other areas of responsibility include designing and enhancing disaster recovery and backup systems. As you are writing automation for hundreds of machines, pages are serving up in real time, which means that the user has a seamless browsing experience.

With your technical expertise, you design, implement and improve processes, procedures and automation for all database-centric areas. You also test the systems in place and interface with external groups.

How you'll have impact:

  • Define, develop and implement automated and repeatable processes to meet cloud data requirements, including those for availability, reliability, confidentiality, integrity, performance, scalability, auditing, and security using AWS tools and processes.
  • Design, develop, and implement ETL processes. 
  • Analyze, design, implement, and maintain data models for complex applications.
  • Design and implement performance improvements based on analysis of database performance.
  • Develop relationships with engineering teams and engage with them to address issues and recommend best practices like instance sizing, flag settings, extensions and the likes. Help perform experiments and scale with different settings to tune AWS (PostgreSQL) instances for their workloads.
  • Contribute code actively to improve the product and the core database engine, and to make it more secure and robust.

What you'll need:

  • 5+ years of experience providing routine maintenance, monitoring, troubleshooting, performance tuning, backups/recovery, and problem resolution for production and non-production databases, including security and software updates.
  • 5+ years of experience defining and implementing database management policies including those for data management, security, auditing, backup, recovery, high availability, and upgrades for a cloud environment.
  • 5+ years of experience defining, developing, and implementing automated and repeatable cloud automation processes for database automation (monitoring/alerting, backup, recovery, high availability, upgrades, etc.) using AWS and Azure and other standard automation tools, for example Helm.
  • Understanding of managed services nuances/limitations (eg AWS Aurora Postgres vs RDS Postgres) 
  • Expert knowledge of Postgres and experience designing, developing and troubleshooting database stored procedures in PL/pgSQL.
  • Data modeling experience, including the analysis, design, implementation, and maintenance of normalized and denormalized data models for complex applications.
  • Experience with database administration from a UNIX/Linux command line environment.
  • Experience successfully working as part of a cross-functional agile development team, interacting effectively with developers, devops engineers, data engineers, system stakeholders, and the customers.
  • Understanding of differences between OLTP v OLAP databases.

Extra gold stars:

  • Experience working with geospatial and time series data.
  • Experience with Google Cloud Platform, BigQuery.
  • Familiarity with microservices architecture.

Lacuna is an equal opportunity employer. In building a product to solve real world problems for our cities, we strive to build a company representative of those cities. We encourage diversity in thought, experience, background and perspective. We are committed to creating such an environment for all employees.